This summer, we began a multi-year campaign to keep the Flying Horses Flying. The 2022 campaign was such a success! Scroll below to say thank you to our Wall Of Fame donors!

This year we will accomplish:

  • Restoration of the beautifully hand-carved horses and carousel platform
  • Repainting the exterior and interior
  • Refurbishment of the concession stand

LET’S RAISE $235,000 more to meet our goal!

Join the Friends of Flying Horses and invite everyone you know who has experienced the carousel to become part of the circle.

Donate Here

Flying Horses Wall of Fame

Thank you to the 2022 ‘Friends Of’ Committee:

Shirley Hall, Nicole Andrews, Cindy Carter, Carla Diggs Smith, Tiffany M. Hall, Hilary W. Strong, Caroline Taylor Ellerson, Tiffani Whittaker