Vineyard Trust’s mission is defined by a respect for the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of Martha’s Vineyard and its people.

The landmarks we restore often have the capacity to be revived as a feature of modern island life. By responding to the needs of the community, the Trust plays a vital role in ensuring the authenticity of the island for generations to come.

Vineyard Trust is a private, not-for-profit organization supported by contributions from the public and through the management of its properties.


Since 1975, Vineyard Trust (formerly Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust) has acquired, preserved and managed the endangered historical landmarks of Martha’s Vineyard, restoring living institutions to their rightful place in island life and ensuring that they will remain landmarks for life.

Martha’s Vineyard is a small island with a long, rich history dating back first to the Native Americans followed by Colonial settlements in the 1600’s. As a popular summer and vacation destination for people from across the United States and the world, the pressures of development and progress have, over time, threatened the central features of this vibrant island community. The 20 irreplaceable landmarks now in the Trust’s care were badly deteriorated, and in many cases threatened by demolition, when the Trust assumed ownership and undertook their restoration and permanent care. Now saved, each of these landmarks continues to play a central role in contemporary life while preserving the authenticity and historical character of the island.

Over more than four decades, Vineyard Trust has grown from a small non-profit with one property in Edgartown to an organization responsible for the stewardship of 20 key properties in four towns, all of which are enjoyed by island residents and visitors alike. The organization’s membership is now at more than 3,000 individuals and it is estimated that members of the public visit our properties more than one million times each year.


The Vineyard Trust administrative offices are located upstairs in the Dr. Daniel Fisher House at 99 Main Street in Edgartown, MA and are open year round.

Seasonal exhibit galleries and heritage center are located in The Carnegie at 58 North Water Street in Edgartown, MA.

Funi Burdick
President & C.E.O.

Funi Burdick assumed responsibility as President and C.E.O. of the Preservation Trust in 2017. Prior to joining the Trust, Ms. Burdick led the National Historic Landmark of Canterbury Shaker Village as Executive Director and CEO for eight years. Funi’s leadership of heritage organizations spans more than two decades and she is passionate about the preservation and legacy of historic buildings and landscapes, and connecting the value each holds to both their community and American culture.

An architect by training, specializing in historic buildings and restoration, Funi’s professional education has given her a leading edge in managing complex collections of historic properties.

Funi is committed to leveraging cultural and historic assets to generate new vitality for the organization, reprogramming these spaces and structures to build new relationships and to deepen the mission.

Funi Burdick was awarded a Bachelor of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Architectural History from Hampshire College.

Contact Funi at 508-627-4440 x 115

Tammy DeGregorio

508-627-4440 x 110

Meg O’Connor
Director of Properties

508-627-4440 x114

Melissa Kershaw
Director of Visitor Services & Programs, The Carnegie

508-627-4440 x 118

Sandy Burt
Event & Venue Manager

508-627-4440 x 116

Katie Jordan
Store Manager/Buyer, Alley’s General Store


Robin Meader
Flying Horses Carousel Manager


Board of Trustees

Patrick J. Ahearn

Deborah Barnes
Nancy T. Caraboolad
Robert C. Graham, Jr.
Elizabeth D. MacKenty
Vice Chairs

P. Jeffrey Norton, Jr.

Joseph E. Solitto, Jr.

Amanda Turner Phillips
Asst. Secretary

Funi Burdick
President & C.E.O.

Life Trustees
Carole M. Berger
Nancy T. Caraboolad
Alison M. Convery
Robert G. Cox
Robert C. Graham, Jr.
Michele M. Hedley
Audrey H. McCargo
Patricia A. Morgan
Louise H. Neuhoff
P. Jeffrey Norton, Jr.
Joan W. Norton
Sarah B. Rorer
Robert A. Snyder
Peter B. Van Tassel
Joyce M. Wright

Patrick J. Ahearn
Lynn Allegaert
Cynthia Alten-DeLotto
Clarence A. Barnes III
Deborah Barnes
R. Kelsey Biggers
Jonathan D. Blum
Brooke R. Brown
Richard J. Canty
Dorothy F. Chaffee
Gerret C. Conover
G. Drew Conway
Deborah Crews
Harriet B. Dewey
Scott T. Earl
John P. Ferguson
Tana Gibson
Shirley R. Hall
Melissa M. Hedley
Sheila A. Hoerle
Alice B. Indelicato
Gail Kittenplan
John E. Klein
Elizabeth D. MacKenty
J.B. McCall IV
Rosalee B. McCullough
Mary-Kate McKenna
Jennifer P. Mitchell
Virginia L. Mortara
John P. Murphy
Sean E. Murphy
Ian Murray
Shepherd P. Murray
Elizabeth R. Neuhoff
Deborah A. Nugent
Amanda Turner Phillips
Richard N. Purington
Rosalie Ripaldi Shane
Joseph E. Sollitto, Jr.
Mary B. Stanton
Margaret C. Tattersall
Twanette Tharp
Bob Vila
Lucy B. Whittemore-Heywood
Jane W. Zimmerman
Victor A. Zollo

Honorary Trustees
Theodora A. Ellis
Nancy Morris

Employment & Volunteer opportunities

Employment Opportunities

There are currently no employment opportunities at Vineyard Trust.

Volunteer Opportunties

Are you a helpful individual who has an interest in the history of the Vineyard? Do you appreciate preservation of the historic character of the island? Enjoy meeting new people? Vineyard Trust might be a good match for you! Send us an email (info@mvpreservation.org) and let us know what you have in mind.

Reserve a property

Several of the landmarks in Vineyard Trust’s care are available to rent for weddings or performance venues. Please visit our Reserve a Property page for more information.