Journey to the Inner Light: The Life and Musical Voyage of Jay Chattaway, Star Trek, Jazz and Film Composer is the biography of a twentieth century American composer. It tells of his rise from humble beginnings in southwestern Pennsylvania to become an accomplished and prolific musician. Journey to the Inner Light celebrates Jay’s successes and, at the same time, reveals the challenges he faces as he moves through over five decades of the ever-changing music industry.

Journey to the Inner Light is a detailed, entertaining, and hugely informative look at the life and career of composer, and yachtsman, Jay Chattaway…It’s a book for anyone who loves movies, movie music, Star Trek, and sailing. Jeff Bond, Author of The Music of Star Trek

The narrative’s excitement is in its behind-the-scenes portrait of the work itself…illuminating and intriguing… Kirkus Reviews

Far from being a dry factual recounting of events and curriculum vitae that many biographical works often present as, the author uses a conversational storytelling tone to share an intimately personal look at the composer…The final section brings us back to the masterpiece that is “The Inner Light”. This part of the book is where we see the poetic soul of the author take centre stage, as she puts to words the essence of the music that has made it so iconic, accessible and profound as to become a career-defining piece in a body of many amazing works. Eve Zellick, WarpFactorTrek.com

“Terri Potts-Chattaway chronicles so many fascinating stories in Jay’s remarkable life. More than a family memoir, Journey to the Inner Light is a rare behind-the-scenes look at the film and TV industry, and the critical importance of music to the productions we all know and love.” — Elisa M. Speranza, Author of The Italian Prisoner

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